The de Halas Advantage

Camera Board
ARM-7 Controlled CMOS Vision System.

de Halas Technologies was incorporated in January of 2005. The company was created by Jay de Halas, an engineer with over 25 years of experience in electronic design. The aim of de Halas Technologies is to develop a better, more independent way of designing and constructing electronic solutions. The new company structure allows us to create novel, cost-effective, high performance applications with a flexible managment structure.

de Halas Technologies inc. offers a wide range of design engineering and product services. Specific information about each of our offerings is listed via individual technology links.

When selecting consultants or contractors there is more to consider than just price, technical capabilities and on-time delivery. With de Halas Technologies you can always depend on receiving the following customer benefits:

  • The expertise to assure concept to implementation understanding of your process and products
  • Engineering solutions that take into account your bottom-line
  • A one stop shop for many engineering solution
  • Highly-skilled in-house mechanical fabrication and board assembly. Which allows the customer to realize faster product cycles at lower cost
  • A comprehensive solution from concept to manufacturing ready designs
  • Personal service from every member of the dHTi team
  • Creative often nonconventional solutions