Tube Sensor
Eddy Current Sensor.

Precision Sensor Solutions

de Halas Technologies inc. designs high-performance, wide bandwidth, electromagnetic, optical, and piezoelectric sensors.

Low-noise analog design, analysis and implementation
Electronics Testing Area.

de Halas Technologies has over 20 years of experience in low noise and high-precision analog solutions. Our staff is skilled at modeling and simulating analog circuits and systems using SPICE, Dynast, Matlab and Simulink.

Industrial Automation
CNC Milling Machines
CNC Milling Machine.

de Halas Technologies designs high performance stepper, servo and power driver electronics for the industrial automation market. In the last decade, we have constructed numerous electromechanical systems and hardware for cost-sensitive machining, and automation applications.

CMOS Camera Board
CMOS Camera and Pattern Recognition System.
Vision System Design

de Halas Technologies offers custom imaging system design for your unique application, as well as offering the ability to incorporate vision systems in embedded applications as well. We provide professional electronic design, board layout and image processing software development.

Linear Actuator and Laser Interferometer System.
Mechatronic Systems

de Halas Technologies provides design, analysis and modeling of complete mechatronic systems and electromechanical systems.

Old Xilinx FPGA
Xilinx FPGA
FPGA Signal Processing

With over 15 years of experience, de Halas Technologies offers high-performance, cost effective digital signal processing with FPGAs. This allows for quicker product turnaround, as well as post-production modifications.

Flow Chart
C Code Flow Chart.
Code Development

We have extensive experience in developing software for embedded, handheld and PC based applications. We provide extensive documentation to help our customers make the best use of the code we have developed for them.

Laser Cutter
Laser Cutting.

Rapid Prototyping

de Halas Technologies is proud to offer rapid prototyping capability for optical, mechanical and electronic devices.