FPGA Development Board

FPGA Board
FPGA Development Board (UFO-400).
Introducing the UFO-400

The UFO-400 is a highly capable FPGA development board with the development tools and features professional developers appreciate. UFO-400 also provides an easy to use development environment for students and hobbyists.

This product utilizes an interactive develops FPGA designs easily and conveniently though a PC platform.  The board provides a Xilinx Spartan-III 400K FPGA and a high speed USB 2.0 connection. The small board size allows for easy integration into many projects. Software and hardware project examples are provided at our USBP Projects Page.

Enjoy Easy Prototyping and USB Integration

The UFO-400 board can be used in OEM product development, for rapid development of FPGA designs and in other embedded systems.  With this technology high-speed USB can be integrated into any product quickly.  This innovative product provides a highly customizable open source development toolkit and the straightforward design simplifies product integration.

FPGA Board Callout OpenSource Software Framework.

Free OpenSource software is available for configuring the FPGA, for real-time data transfer and control between the PC and FPGA development board.  FPGA HDL examples, FX2 firmware, a C++ library, and Python code are freely available. The API is easy to use and integrates well into any hardware or software project.  The USBP software framework provides a virtual user interface from the PC to the UFO-400. The virtual user interface is completely open source and available.  

FPGA Board Packet
UFO-400 Product Pricing.

UFO-400 product pricing starts as low as $135.00 . For more information on this excellent product please contact de Halas Technologies inc. at sales@dehalastech.com or call 719-528-1957.