Projectile Swarf
Fly Cutter Shooting Swarf

Rapid Prototyping

de Halas Technologies is proud to offer rapid prototyping capability for optical, mechanical and electronic devices. Over 20 years of prototyping experience allows us to to offer you a variety of services from concept development to finished high-performance circuit boards. In addition, we provide the following prototyping services, processes and customer benefits:

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting Operation
  • Custom hardware, PCB and firmware design
  • High-performance circuit board design for RF, precision analog, and high-speed digital applications
  • In-house board assembly in an ESD safe environment with qualified assemblers
  • Fast development cycle; quick time to market
  • Rapid, low cost prototyping, including enclosures
  • In house CNC, laser cutting and engraving capabilities
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Electronic design and modeling