Vision System Design

Quantum Camera Board
Integrated Camera and Motor Controller Board

de Halas Technologies offers custom imaging system design for your unique application, as well as offering the ability to incorporate vision systems in embedded applications. We provide professional electronic design, board layout and image processing software development.

Out of the design stage? We offer post-product system integration, testing, camera diagnostics and component level characterization of optical performance.

Some of our vision system design projects include:

  • An affordable FPGA controlled CMOS vision system, in which optics were selected and focusing software was devised. This product was used for imaging, position sensing and reading bar codes.
  • An ultra-compact CMOS Smart Camera with an embedded 32-bit ARM-7 processor. This camera can function as an imager, bar code reader, position sensor and 3d laser scanner. The ARM-7 implementation gave us the capability of onboard high speed scanning and pattern recognition firmware. Communications can be either USB 2.0 or serial.
  • Numerous software applications for manufacturing test, camera focusing, MTF analysis, image visualization and analysis.